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"I have used Claudine and her company for many many years for both my personal accounting and business accounting. Claudine aided in setting up my business and has been instrumental in keeping it going to this date. She has prepared my personal and company tax returns for over ten years now and helped in the event that I did not provide all of the necessary documentation. She consistently provides clarity if I am unsure about a new regulation or a specific deduction, etc. She is someone that my family and I rely on for her expertise and reliability. She is outstanding in her field."

-Karl Haynes
Dec 03, 2013

"MY CPA,Claudine was very knowledgeable and very helpful in preparing my taxes and answering any questions I had. Any information she needed, she contacted me promptly. I will definitely keep her as my CPA."

-Harvey Burrus
Feb 03, 2014

"Very professional and always courteous. Claudine has prepared my taxes for many years and I have never had any problems or issues. She reviews your information thoroughly and advises accordingly. She responds quickly to all questions and her staff is amazing. Awesome service!"

Jan 23, 2014

"My No.1 CPA - Mrs. Claudine Powell-Phillip." I've utilized her services for approximately ten or more years. I don't intend to leave unless Phillip & Associates go out of business. With her courteous, professional and knowledgeable staff, (not to mention if I have an issue where I need good judgment and advise), Claudine takes time out from her busy schedule to assist. I salute her and recommend others to get on board!!"

-Claire Joseph
Jan 17, 2014

"I have had a few accountants and none of them really understood my business quite as well as Claudine. Before I met Claudine I did not know that my business was incorrectly classified with the IRS which meant I was paying much more than I should have in taxes. Since 2008 Claudine has managed to correct my filing status with the IRS, helped me set up a retirement account and organize my LLC. Claudine and her team are an invaluable asset for any business and I would highly recommend their services."

Jan 03, 2014

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